What’s A Robot?

A robot is a machine or mechanical tool that can do physical tasks, both direct control, human supervision, or using a pre-defined program (artificial intelligence). Robots are usually used for heavy, dangerous, repetitive and dirty work. Usually, most industrial robots used in manufacturing. Other uses of robots include cleaning up toxic waste, exploring underwater and outer space, mining, “search and rescue” jobs (search and rescue), and for mine search. Lately, robots have begun to enter the consumer market in the field of entertainment, and household aids, such as vacuum cleaners, and lawnmowers. Additionally, their parts like the robotic motor can be bought easily these days.

The word Robotics also comes from the science fiction novel “runaround” written by Isaac Asimov in 1942. Before studying robots, surely we must understand what robots are?
there are several definitions of robots that are used by experts at this time. However, I prefer the following definitions which are more popularly used by many people.
“systems or tools that can behave or mimic human behavior with the aim of replacing and facilitating human work/activities”

From the previous definition, we can conclude that the robot is actually a system that mimics the workings of living things, especially animals and humans. If animals and humans have the senses to detect their environment. Then the response from the sensor is sent to the brain for processing. The brain then commands the muscles to contract and move the skeleton. that is the mechanism of action of living systems simply.

The robot is a system that mimics this system. If in living things such as animals and humans are called the senses, the robot is called a sensor. the brain in humans and animals, then the robot is called a microcontroller. muscles in humans, actuators in robots. food energy sources in humans, electrical energy sources from power supplies such as batteries in robots. order in humans, frames/platforms in robots.

At present, robots have played a large role in human life ranging from education, industry, manufacturing, military, sars, observation, and so on.

To be classified as a robot, a machine must have two kinds of capabilities, namely:

1) It can get information from the surroundings.
2) I can do something physically like moving or manipulating objects.

A robot has a system does not need to mimic all human behavior, but a system that can adapt just one or two systems that exist in humans alone can be said to be a robot. The system adopted is in the form of a vision system (eyes), auditory system (ears) or the motion system.

A robot can be made for various activities, but a robot must be made with the aim of human good.

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